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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

How much do you know about repairing and maintaining your bike? How good of a rider do you think you are? Whether you’re just beginning to become an avid cyclist (perhaps because you saw all those awesome biking videos), or you’ve been riding for a while, there is a lot to know. Just like there are things you can do to maintain your computer, there are things you can do to keep your bike in great shape too, so that when you’re out on a ride, you encounter fewer problems.

We are a cyclist at heart . That means you care about your cycle , and so do we.

EuroCyklar offers online bike/ repair/ breakdown servicing to our customers round the clock and we mean it. You can enjoy our services at a time and place of your choice by booking your slot in simple steps. You can now, plan you're wild bike trips, exercise to stay fit or go places to explore without the fear of a bike breakdown. Our service vans will bring the shop expertise to your steps. We, the bike doctors ensure your health through your healthy bike. It is a smart alternative to the traditional bicycle workshop. If you have purchased a bike from one of the many internet retailers or perhaps from one of the major bicycle stores we'll provide you with the same qualified expertise you will find any of these stores with an added advantage of serving you at your doorstep. We understand people live busy lives, it's not always convenient to drop off your bicycle at a workshop and schedule a time to collect it, addressing this primary concern we offer easy, convenient and reliable service just a click or phone call away!

Our Motto: Serving happy customers with our QUICK, CONVENIENT & TRANSPARENT services.

Services Covered by our Bike Best Mechanics

We provide 3 kinds of servicing under online bike service. One is Regular Bike Service, in which your bike will be serviced at your doorstep. We offer Authorised Bike Service, in which the bike will be picked from your location and taken to an authorized service station. It will be serviced there and delivered back to you once complete. Apart from doorstep bike service, we also provide bike breakdown service in Uppsala covering all areas.

This is how EuroCyklar is helping the shared vision of service industry ( bicycle repair and service), We have handpicked, trained mechanics for your perusal. Mechanics are selected with rigorous procedures so as to provide the ultimate work satisfaction to the customers.

Transparency: One of our key USPs. We pride ourselves in keeping our services and transactions transparent. Be it changing of spares, pricing or the nature of our service. A fully transparent conduct is our code.

Convenient: A happy customer is a repeat customer. We always strive to provide utmost satisfaction in our services. Our services are designed to suit to the convenience of the customers. We provide services at your home/offices/any other suitable location in your provided time slot for your convenience.

Quality Assurance: What is service without quality?! EuroCyklar keeps in check the quality of its services. We keep raising the standards of our quality bar periodically. Customer satisfaction with our high quality low-cost services is our primary goal.

Tailored annual packages: EuroCyklar provides specially tailored annual package plans for housing societies and companies/offices to best suit the needs of their vehicles. These plans differ as per the customer requirement.

Geo-location based: Our services are geo-location based. Visit our app/website and we will automatically fetch your location so that you don't have to repetitively enter your address every time you are in a new location.

Service Logs: EuroCyklar provides a log of all the services it has catered to customer's vehicle. This log provides the details of the service provided and spares changed. This helps a customer in providing an authentic data of the vehicle if they plan to sell off the bike in the future. A complete history of the vehicle maintenance at the tip of your fingers.


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