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A new online bicycle repair in your neighbourhood

EuroCyklar, is a solution that provides valuable bike services and repairs at the convenience of customers. A new bicycle repair in your neighbourhood, with which you can enjoy their services at a time and place of your choice by booking your slot in simple steps, believe me it’s online! You can now plan your wild bike trips, exercise to stay fit or go places to explore without the fear of your bike breakdown, EuroCyklar service vans will bring the shop expertise to your doorstep. The bike doctors ensure your health through your healthy bike.

1st bicycle service provider @ your HOME !

BOOK ONLINE: Enter your details, your preferred service day, time and wait for us to arrive.

WE COME TO YOUR DOORSTEP: Eurocyklar Mobile Bicycle service will come to your home or office.

HAPPY CYCLING: Your bicycle will be ready in 60 minutes and you can do more of what you love…RIDE!

Advanced Service @ Our Service Station

BOOK ONLINE: Enter your details and preferred date to drop your cycle.DROP IN: Drop your cycle at our Service Station

HAPPY CYCLING: Your bicycle is now ready to go and you can do more of what you love…RIDE!.

EuroCyklar loves to do

We’re bike people. That means you care about your bike, and so do we. Our team of certified technicians will ensure

SERVICE: From residential to corporate bookings, clubs & event services, we have you covered.

VALUE: Certified Technicians who are at your doorstep at your convenient time.

INTEGRITY: With competitive rates and fast service, we'll give you the best value for your time and money.

Service Packages We Provide

Standard Premium Advanced (Drop Your Bicycle At Our Service Station)

Services related to your bike are 

1. Complete break repairing

2. Complete tyre replacement and alignment operations

3. Complete chain and paddle repairing

4. Frame repairing and renovation

5. Bell installation

6. Gear repairing

7. Seat installation and renovation

8. A to Z maintenance operation related to your bicycle.

Instant quoting functionality, fast booking and secure payment makes us the simplest and most convenient way to book a mechanic. Their services cover all aspects of two-wheeler work, ranging from repairing the engine and framing to minor facilities such as battery charging and clutch cable replacement.

Why Choose Us

It is a smart alternative to the traditional bicycle workshop. If you have purchased a bike from one of the many internet retailers or perhaps from one of the major bicycle stores we'll provide you with the same qualified expertise you will find any of these stores with an added advantage of serving you at your doorstep. We understand people live busy lives, it's not always convenient to drop off your bicycle at a workshop and schedule a time to collect it, addressing this primary concern we offer easy, convenient and reliable service just a click or phone call away. Happy cycling!